Mite Mitreski

About me

I'm Mite Mitreski, currently living in Skopje, Macedonia. Often I wear more than one hat so at the moment I'm Software Engineer and Netcetera AG in Skopje, Jug Leader at Java User Group Macedonia (JugMK) and apparently a book author. My first book that I co-authored is called HTML 5 Data and Services Cookbook . I thought Oracle Certified courses for Java EE and SE as a hired trainer as well as gave lectures at conferences and universities. Also I try to be as active as possible in the other local software engineering as well like hacklab KIKA and the Macedonian section of IEEE.

How did I get here

I was dragged into the world of computers somewhere in the start of 1995 when I got my fist computer.It was a custom build computer having a AMD 386 DX processor that peeked at 40 MHz with ~120MB hard disk that was running MS-DOS 6 and Windows 3.11. Since I was about 6 at the time main focus for me were games like Prince of Persia, Prehistorik and Centurion:The Defender of Rome.

After some time a got interested into programming, mostly playing around with QBasic that came with bundled in DOS. Then followed my introduction into Pascal in its famous version called Turbo Pascal.In high school I quickly become obsessed Counter-Strike so with few friends we created a team where we played all the time and we even had regular training sessions. We were impressed with this German gaming clan called Schroet Kommando and even talked about going "Pro". About the same time I was going each year to this national competition where students were presenting various project that they did. Since this was an important thing for the school we were allowed to spend 2 weeks each year to prepare for it, witch meant one full week of playing around and few days of work for us. Most of the projects were not all that useful but we learned some flash that was very nice. It was not until the start of 2006 that I begun learning C accedentaly from the best source "The C programming language by B&K". The same year I stared college where over the next few years had introductory courses in C C++, C++ with MFC (... yeah I know), Java, C#, Prolog, Lisp plus the regular CS subjects. It was somewhere in the end of 2007 that I got bored and stared a part time job at a local company doing Java EE based applications. Next few years my primary focus was Java, Open Source, *nix, Open Data and web technology. Even thou most of my work was around back-end I got more and more involved into JavaScript.